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TV Wall Hanging, Distribution & Internet Connectivity

Home Distribution

We can install systems to distribute Sky, High Definition, Video, FM, DAB, CCT, Telephone and TV signals around your home to allow control & viewing in as many rooms as required.

HD Distribution Systems

We also design, supply and install HD distribution systems that allow you to watch HD pictures from one source to multiple TVs around your home. This is done through the use of either cat6 cabling or HDMI extension leads.

Smart TV and Internet Connectivity for Sky, BBC iPlayer etc

We can connect all your TV viewing equipment with the correct media interface to connect with online services such as YouTube, BBC iPlayer and 4od.

TV Wall Installations

We specialise in TV wall hanging services, from small 17” LCD/LED TV installations up to large 60” Plasma TVs. We can install cables in attractive conduit or run them in the wall, including re-plastering if necessary. We provide this service directly or through our partnership with several retail outlets.

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